Industry for Cittaerp

Service Industries

Whether you are in professional service, educational service, consulting service, advertising  & marketing,  transport & logistics and other service industries, Cittaerp is specifically designed to provide an exceptional rich experience for your precise service based  organization while providing for your unique industry requirements for an efficient service delivery which enhances business growth and value maximization .

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Retail Industries

Cittaerp has full functionalities for retail industries including consumer goods, departmental stores, wholesale distribution, health & beauty, pharmaceuticals and other retail industries. It  uniquely focuses on improving operational efficiency, excellent customer shopping experience , improves customer retention and loyalty, simplifying business processes,  enhances revenue growth, integrates with today’s retail technology trends…..

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Production Industries

Cittaerp delivers powerful and comprehensive functionality for the manufacturing industries. Whether it is discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, batch processing, and other manufacturing types, Cittaerp is ideal for you as it covers production processes from shop floor to the top floor. It offers the power and flexibility for your unique manufacturing business.

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Other Industries

Cittaerp delivers unique solution for varieties of other industries including education, real estate, construction, agribusiness & farming, cooperative societies, non-profits, clubs, associations, printing, publishing, and other small, medium and large industries . Since no two businesses are the same, Cittaerp provides  flexibility and simplicity required for your specific organization that enhances revenue growth and value maximization.

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Key Functionalities

Business Intelligence 98%
Workflow Approval Route Management 96%
Analytics 97%
Report Writer 96%
Document Management 96%
Business Process Workflows 98%

Key Features

Why Cittaerp?

Financial Management

Cittaerp provides comprehensive accounting, financial control, tax and treasury management functionalities.

Amazing Financial Managment Features

It helps your business whether it is  small , medium or large enterprises to achieve sound financial management including , fiscal reporting, monitoring,   budgetary control and performance management

Customer Management

Cittaerp enables you to be more responsive to your customers as you efficiently collaborate through the B2B Customer Portal.

Excellent Customer Management Features

It provides platform to establish strong, valuable customers relationship management that enhances revenue growth as well as efficient after sales service,  and customer retention.

Supply Chains Management

Cittaerp supply chain management is an end-to-end functionality from customer order to when a customer pay for their purchase.

Astounding Supply Chain Features

Cittaerp connects stakeholders across your organization including, demand and supply planning.  It helps you plan, source, and deliver the right goods and materials at the right time.

Production Management

Cittaerp enables you to run your production operations efficiently.

Amazing Production Management Features

Cittaerp provides features for all types of manufacturing activities as well as supporting functions including engineering maintenance and asset management.

School Management

Cittaerp provides comprehensive school management solution for all types of educational institutions .

Excellent School Management Features

Cittaerp delivers the best real-time student, parent, teachers and school administrators  experience from admission, learning, examination, communication to graduation.

People Management

People is at the centre all types of businesses while Cittaerp delivers solution for an efficient ad comprehensive human management.

Outstanding Human Resources Management Features

Cittaerp is simple, robust, flexible, complete and efficient human capital and payroll management solution for small, medium and large enterprises and for all industries.

Real Estate Management

Cittaerp retail management provides robust solution for real estate financial service, construction and property management. .

Amazing Real Estate Features

Cittaerp delivers comprehensive  functionalities for installment-to-acquisition, mortgage based products,  corporate, residential, and commercial real estate management and construction management.

Associations Management

Cittaerp delivers complete functionalities for cooperative societies, clubs, associations and other non-profit organisations

Excellent Associations Management Features

Cittaerp  has a unique features for membership management, billing,  self-service platform, online registration, subscription management and instant communication among others.

Point of Sales

Cittaerp retail point-of-sale delivers comprehensive solution for businesses that sells B2C products directly to end consumers.

Amazing Point of Sale Feutures

Cittaerp offers flexible, high-speed Point-of-Sale functionality specifically designed for retail operations integrating current retail technology trends.

Businesses Run Better on Cittaerp

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