School Management

The key functionalities of Cittaerp School Management among others are as follow:

  • Timetable,
  • Attendance,
  • Admission
  • Examinations,
  • Assignments and Home-works
  • Grade-books,
  • Circulars & Notices,
  • Hostel,
  • Library,
  • Fee Management
  • Transportation,
  • School Calendar,
  • Events
  • Task
  • Poll
  • Students/Parents/Teachers Portal
  • Classroom Management

Cittaerp school solution efficiently manages student cycle activities, experiences and performances  from enrollment to graduation.

Cittaerp school module is designed to be flexible for your specific needs. It offers solutions to all types of schools including nursery, primary, basics, secondary, colleges, Polytechnics, universities, tuition centers, and other relevant educational institutions.

Cittaerp keeps parents informed and engaged with their student’s performances and activities by providing the platform to monitor student progress and communicate with teachers. Parents can easily access important documents and information from the parents portal.

Cittaerp is designed to empower teachers with the tools needed to manage and promote student success in school .

Cittaerp empowered  the school administrators to effectively and efficiently manages the affairs and activities of students, teachers, parents and non-academic employees .

Online Exams & CBT

Cittaerp online exam module has the following key features among others .

  • Candidate/Student Management
  • Self-registration
  • Exam Scheduling
  • Certification
  • Question Bank
  • Exam Creation
  • Manage Exam Rules
  • Progress Tracking
  • Remote Invigilating
  • Instant Result
  • Exam Practices
  • Past Questions
  • Talent and Recruitment Screening
  • Instructions
  • Tutorials
  • Marking Scheme
  • Manage Exam Hall/Center
  • Difficulty and Skill Level

Cittaerp delivers the functionality to create a robust and flexible question bank with unlimited questions including past questions of specific exam types. You can use  your question bank to efficiently create exams. It allows randomization which provides a great tool to create exam from the question banks by specifying the expected criteria and variables  for your exams.

Cittaerp allows you to create any type of exams with exam builder with the functionalities for text, video, images and practice questions

Cittaerp Online exam module has functionalities for a wide range of question types to choice from including objective, subjective, multiple choice text questions, Multiple choice image questions, Fill in the blank, free text, video questions and audio questions. You can even create questions with multiple correct answers.

Cittaerp online exam module allows you to set the rules of your exam. Set the pass and fail rules. Set the number of attempts for each user. Can they review their answers before committing? Do they get feedback after each question, at the end of the exam, or none at all. Set a timer on your exam, or not.

Cittaerp enables generation of certificates in both hard and soft copies after completing all the required exams for a course or certification program

Cittaerp online exam module can be embedded on your own website or platform with option for white-labeling.

Real Estate Management

Cittaerp real-estate module allows you to store important contact/leads information such as names, phone numbers, home addresses, and email addresses in one place. You can  follow up, generate relevant contacts/lead reports  and convert the lead/contacts to customers.

Cittaerp has a very strong functionality for property acquisition by installment payments. The flexible price matrix tools allow you to set up different pricing installment plans for different properties. You can create multiple rules  for each plan including payment default, penalties, waivers… etc.   It provides for three options at full payment of the properties including: Customer decision to take possession of the property or customer decision to transfer property to 3rd party or customer can delay decision .

Cittaerp delivers a comprehensive functionality to manage property acquisition by mortgage arrangements including flexible interest rate management, guarantor and security management and repayments monitoring .

Cittaerp has robust functionality to manage marketers and sales representatives. It automatically monitors customer payment inflows and compute appropriate commissions based on company policy for the property as well as calculates the relevant withholding taxes. The system updates the marketers accounts and other relevant contra accounts instantly without any manual intervention.

Cittaerp allows instant e-collection functionality. Once a customer pays though any payment channels including physically at the banking hall, online payment, internet bank transfer, , the customer accounts with you is automatically updated and therefore, remove the need for manual intervention and payment reconciliation while customer is instantly notified of the transaction and the updated balance.

Cittaerp delivers a very robust and flexible marketing and promotion functionalities. It accommodates all possible marketing promotion initiatives and activities however complex. Where, gifts are involved, system allow you to setup the gift rules, while the it monitors customer qualification and generate correct gift vouchers for qualified customers. It has a flexible discount management functionalities.

Cittaerp delivers a comprehensive and flexible user defined workflows approval route for efficient business process and control. The document management system can eliminate or minimize paper environment while approval workflows are set up in line with the approved authority limits and policies of your organization.

The real estate integrates seamlessly with the financial management module while relevant financial statement reports including income statement, statement of financial position (balance sheet), and cash flow statement updated on real-time basis.

Constructions & Projects  Management

The key functionalities for the Cittaerp Construction Modules are as follow:

  • Construction Accounting
  • Contracts Management
  • Contractors & Subcontractors
  • Multiple Projects Management
  • Project Budgetary Control
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Project Valuation
  • Project Certification
  • Work in progress management
  • Manage Job
  • Manage Tasks
  • Manage Teams
  • Internal and External Projects
  • Outsourced Projects
  • Billing and Payables
  • Define Approval Workflow Routes
  • Project Material Inventory
  • Request For Quotes and Tender Management
  • Attendance and Time sheets

Cittaerp construction and project management module is a designed for all kinds of construction. It incorporates the project manager objectives and plans, budget, controls, bills of quantities, maximizes resource efficiency, implements various operations, and develops communication and mechanisms, among others.  It  provides visibility into the life cycle of your projects.

Cittaerp Construction Module delivers a comprehensive financial management solution in line with standard construction accounting practice as well as complies with the international financial reporting standards.

Cittaerp  allows you to create  your specific reports using  its powerful Report-Writer as well as to generate standard reports.

Document and Approval Workflows

Cittaerp enables the company to implement an effective and comprehensive document management workflow system in line with the business processes of the organization. This functionality allows the company the flexibility to achieve a desired level of paperless environment suitable for their specific requirements which changes with the prevailing business and environmental dynamics

The Cittaerp document workflow system enforces compliance with company business processes and procedures while process waivers can be accommodated in the workflows as deemed fit by the Management or Board of Directors

Every organization will have its authority limits for all internal and external transactions for business functions of the enterprise which are usually delegated by the Board of Directors to the Management and other employees. The workflow approval management system enforces the authority limits as approved while waivers can be implemented as needed for the business.

Approval processes becomes seamless, faster and less cumbersome . The approving officer has the capacity and flexibility to review on online/real-time basis the documentary evidence, reports and statements as may be required to validate the transaction under approval consideration . The Officer can decide to approve or reject or return for additional information while the system enforces adding of  comments justifying the relevant decision.

For documents and transactions awaiting approval/attention, notifications and alerts by email are sent to relevant officer. The approving officer  does not need to login into Cittaerp to attend to the transaction and can reject or approve quickly and easily by clicking on a link in an email which automatically updates in Cittaerp.

The approving officer can delegate to other officer if they are on leave or  vacation.

The document workflow escalates to another officer after a specific period if the transaction document request is not treated in time.

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