Cittaschool School Management Software as a Choice

Cittaschool, is a school management suite of Cittaerp. The Schools and educational institutions worldwide at all levels from kindergartens/nurseries to universities are increasingly investing in technology and school management software to automate their administrative tasks and efficiently manages admissions, students, teachers, non-academic staff, parents as well as school operations. Cittaschool, an educational suite of Cittaerp, [...]

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Computer-Based Testing and Online Exams Key Benefits

Computer-Based Testing and Online Exams/e-Exams  of Cittaerp Suite brings the benefits of technology, faster operations, paperless environment, and wider testing locations and many other benefits to examination process. Examinations, assessment and testing are huge operations in the educational and professional sector worldwide. All schools are involved in examinations from nursery/kindergarten to colleges/universities while many professional [...]

Workflow Document Approval For Your Business Processes

Workflow and Approval Cittaerp has flexible user-defined document workflow and approval route management functionalities that gives users the ability to create workflows and approval processes. This can be implemented  in line with the  business processes, authority limits and policies of your organizations. The key benefits to your organizations are as summarized below: Paperless Environment Cittaerp [...]