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Cittaschool School Management Software as a Choice

  • Cittaschool, is a school management suite of Cittaerp. The Schools and educational institutions worldwide at all levels from kindergartens/nurseries to universities are increasingly investing in technology and school management software to automate their administrative tasks and efficiently manages admissions, students, teachers, non-academic staff, parents as well as school operations.
  • Cittaschool, an educational suite of Cittaerp, automate and efficiently manages the following:
    • library,
    • hostels,
    • transport,
    • classroom,
    • timetable,
    • subject management
    • exams,
    • question banks
    • grading,
    • performance,
    • results,
    • promotions,
    • certifications,
    • ID card,
    • assignments,
    • tasks
    • alumnus
    • student/teachers/parent portals
    • events, and
    • other relevant school operations and tasks.
  • In addition,
    • billing and fees,
    • accounting,
    • financial management including
      • treasury management
      • fixed assets management,
      • human resources,
      • payroll,
      • stores,
      • inventory
      • real-time school financial statements, and
      • other relevant performance reports
  • It provides teachers with dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to leverage    the full value of technology-led teaching and learning using best practice.
  • Cittaschool not only to manages and reports on school activity efficiently, it enhances the potential of the school managers to achieve growth as driven by up-to-date technology. It has the following key benefits to


  • Cittaerp school management suite has the capacity to adapt to changes in the school rather than the school adapting to what the software offers. It is robust, flexible, and user-defined in structure which can be specifically customised to fit your specific school requirements and environments.

Secured Hosting  

  • Cittaschool can be hosted secured cloud or in-house where the relevant infrastructure is available. Cittaschool is accessible anywhere, 24/7, with any device, making it possible for administrators, staff, students and parents to access from any location worldwide.


  • Cittaerp , school management suite is scalable. As the school grows, the records also keep growing–the number of staff and parents as well as other requirements expands as well as industry and regulatory changes occur. Cittaschool allows you to capture your immediate needs and grows with you.

User Friendly

  • Cittaschool is user-friendly as teachers, administrators, students as well as parents find it very easy to adopt and use.

Impactful to learning

  • It drives the learning process and enhances the growth potential of the school.

Value for Money

  • Start to benefit from the significant value for money that comes with Cittaschool by requesting for quote and demo.
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