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Computer-Based Testing and Online Exams Key Benefits

  • Computer-Based Testing and Online Exams/e-Exams  of Cittaerp Suite brings the benefits of technology, faster operations, paperless environment, and wider testing locations and many other benefits to examination process. Examinations, assessment and testing are huge operations in the educational and professional sector worldwide. All schools are involved in examinations from nursery/kindergarten to colleges/universities while many professional bodies require certification examinations. Apart from schools and professional bodies , computer-based testing  and assessments of knowledge and competences are very useful and growing in workplaces to reflect the changing nature of technology in employee appraisal management and recruitment.
  • Examination operations involve multitude of processes including planning, questions, certification, marking, invigilation and standardization. Cittaerp Computer-Based Testing/Online Exams suite provides the efficient time-saving innovation for efficient management of examinations. Computer-Based Testing/Online Exams have several important advantages compared to traditional paper-based exams such as efficiency, immediate scoring and feedback in the case of multiple-choice question exams among others. It allows more innovative and authentic assessments due to more advanced technological capacities
  • The Key benefits of the Cittaerp Computer Based-Testing Suite are as summarized below:

1.Seamless Exam Logistics Operation

  • The logistics of setting traditional paper-based exams are usually cumbersome and tiresome.
  • The manual exams involve long hours of planning, selecting/writing questions, review, proofreading, checking, process of hiring/identifying a proctor/invigilator, printing the exam papers, securing exam center, arranging for secure delivery and storage to ensure that the integrity of the exam is still intact and manual collection of answers sheets at the center. Post-exam activities, such as the retrieval, scanning and marking of exam papers, can prove just as time-consuming as well as the tedious process of manually marking and compiling/generating results/reports.
  • With Cittaerp Computer-Based Testing / Online Exam Suite, these manual tasks are minimized or eliminated completely  for efficient exam management functionalities thereby, saving cost and improving learning and teaching experience of students and teachers respectively .

2.Question Bank

  • Among the many benefits of using computer-based assessment, the question enhancement and efficient exam management can be attributed to the question bank functionalities.
  • The Question Bank for Cittaerp Computer Based Testing / Online Exam Suite  is where all the possible questions for different subjects, topic and past exams are held. Question Bank module is a storehouse for questions.
  • Question banks can by organized by subject, objective, subjective, level of difficulty, grade and question type, exam type, past exams, or any user-defined classification system.
  • The marking scheme for each question as well as answers and justifications are embedded in the question banks.
  • All types of structured and unstructured questions may be used, from multiple choice and fill-in-the-blanks to short answer and essay questions.
  • Question can be created by examiners directly into the bank or imported from various options including excel, word, pdf, images, video and any other visual formats.
  • Test authors and examiners can create, store and manage one or many question banks.
  • You can set up the question bank with as many groups as you need – and each group can have an unlimited number of subgroups.
  • Examiner can easily identify questions that haven’t been used in a long time, this may indicate need to update such questions due to ambiguous language or any other factors.
  • Examiner can identify who authors the best questions as well as see at a glance who changed which question and when .
  • Questions can easily be mapped to curriculum and learning outcomes including specific topics and subject matter.

3.Exam Builder

  • Exam Builder Wizard allows you to generate unique tests in minutes by randomly selecting questions from one or more question banks based on specified criteria.
  • Question bank functionality  makes it much more difficult to cheat on exams. Questions can be compiled and selected from different banks, with random generation allowing examiners to never give the exact questions twice. It is possible for candidates sitting for same exam but with different questions and sequence arrangements using the exam builder random functionalities.
  • You can create test sections; define time limits, cut-offs, and workflow for exams.

4.Secured Hosting

  • Either secured cloud or network hosted,  you can choose what suits your organization.

5.Multiple Testing Centers

  • Cittaerp Computer-Based Testing / Online Exams Suites can be administered in various locations including educational institutions, corporate organizations, tutorial centers, vendor owned testing center, authorized testing center, client-obtained testing center, client authorized testing center, anywhere testing center.

6.Mock/ Test Practice / Tutorial Center

  • The Cittaerp Online Exams and Computer-Based Testing allows you to upload past questions of different examinations which can be used in mock exams at tutorial centers or practice centers. Live mock exams can be easily prepared from the question banks for practice

7.Flexible Question/Test Options

  • Cittaerp Computer-Based Testing/Online Exam Suite offers flexible delivery of questions including objective, subjective, multiple choices, essay-type, skill-based , personality, simulation
  • You can use  images, flash, videos, etc. in questions or responses
  • Constructed responses, such as free-form text and essays, can be collected electronically and easily scored without the challenges associated with hand-written responses.

8.Online Proctoring/Remote Invigilating   

  • A great advantage of the Cittaerp Computer-Based Testing/Online Exam Suite is the remote invigilating  functionalities including live, online identification and monitoring of the candidate taking an exam. The auto invigilating of  each candidate, prevents content leaks, cheating and remove impersonation.
  • With Cittaerp Computer-Based Testing /Online Exam Suite, the remote online invigilating/proctoring functionalities are provided to include Facial Recognition Technology where a bio-metric picture is taken of the candidate’s face which is used to detect anomalies during the test. Also, images taken at defined intervals with user’s webcam compared with bio-metric model to detect if candidate is the same person, if they are looking away, if there is another person present, or if they are not there. In addition, the candidate can be connected to a live proctor/invigilator who will be able to see candidate’s screen, as well as see and hear the candidate themselves.
  • Remote proctor/invigilator can perform following tasks
    • Online chat with the candidate: Remote Proctor/Invigilator can initiate online chat.
    • Pause/ Resume Remote Exam : Remote Proctor/invigilator can also initiate exam pause and resume for remote candidate
    • Verify candidate using photo/ I Card: Remote Proctor can verify identity of the candidate appearing for the exam.
  • Benefits of remote proctoring/invigilating
    • It save cost of exam process and management
    • Exam invigilation logistics/process  become simplified and easier to manage
    • System keeps log of entire activities for auditing purpose.
    • Candidate sitting at any location can be tracked using remote proctoring/Invigilating.

9.Increased Efficiency in Assessment

  • The Cittaerp computer-based testing/online exams Suite benefits administrators and students. For students, it involves the release of automatic results at its conclusion and are designed to more accurately pinpoint a student’s precise abilities and knowledge within a given subject and topics.

10.Increasing Candidate Reach

  • Cittaerp computer-based testing /online exam suite gives examining institution the opportunity and potential to remove geographical barriers and reach more students. It brings the exciting potential for assessments to be taken in any location, with relevant security and integrity issues under cover.

11.Online Registration and Payment

  • The system allows participants to register and make payment online. Exam date and timing and rescheduling functionality are provided based on the user-defined rule set for the exam type. The system can save and manage the credentials of each participant which can be edited or updated when required
  • Online payment for exam can also be made. Simplify your process with our integrated payment solution.

12.User Defined Grading

  • The Cittaerp Computer-Base Testing/Online Exams delivers user-defined grading system functionalities

13.Real-Time Reporting

It has a very flexible and robust report writer. Reporting is instant and user-defined.  Also, notifications of results/reports  can be sent by  mail or SMS

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