Cittaerp is useful for all types of schools , colleges, universities , tutorial  centers and other relevant educational  institutions

These include professional  and consulting firms for  architects, accountants, engineers, doctors,  lawyers , tax advisers and organizations providing IT services,  repairs and maintenance  firms  as well as other relevant service providers.

These are businesses and companies in advertising activities including creative agency and organizations handling advertising and sometimes other forms of promotion, branding and marketing services for their clients. Cittaerp delivers the comprehensive agency management service including the financial management and customer service functionalities.

Cittaerp delivers a comprehensive solution for health care industry for hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, dentist, primary and secondary care organizations in financial management, human resources, customer services, fixed assets and supply chains management.

Cittaerp delivers functionalities for the transportation industry in respect of movement of goods from one place by road, sea and air to another as well as the  logistics industry that covers  freight management, storage, handling, packaging, inventory, warehousing, etc .

Cittaerp provides solution for the hospitality industry  that includes hotels,  lodging, event planning, transportation, cruise line, traveling, etc  as well as  tourism industry.



Cittaerp is applicable for organizations that deal in non-durable consumer goods such as packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs , toys, and many other consumables as well as, durable goods or major appliances

Cittaerp delivers comprehensive solutions including point of sales , inventory and store management, ….. etc   to companies in the retail industry that sell  consumer goods or services directly to customers  from  shopping centers, retail outlets, super markets, shopping malls,  e-commerce platform, physical market place, virtual market place as well as  other distribution channels.

Cittaerp delivers comprehensive solutions including warehouse management, customer management, supply chains, …. etc, for companies in wholesale and distribution of goods or merchandises to the retailers or industrial/commercial organizations.   

Cittaerp is useful for companies that deal in health and beauty products including cosmetics and other related goods and services.

Cittaerp is applicable for organizations that deal in chemical, pharmaceutical  and other related products and services



Cittaerp is useful for both discrete and process manufacturing industries including foods, chemicals and allied , apparels and textiles, metal , equipment, machines, and equipment, furniture and fixtures, leather,  lumber and wood, printing… etc

Cittaerp provides complete solution specifically for organizations in agribusiness including framing, animal husbandry, agrichemicals, breeding, crop production, produce distribution, farm machinery, processing, and seed supply, marketing and retail sales as well as agents of the agricultural  value chains .

Cittaerp is useful for organizations that focus on maintenance services whether as an in-house service center or for external customers  including scheduled and preventive maintenance,  functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing of necessary devices, equipment, machinery, building infrastructure, and supporting utilities in industrial, business, governmental, and residential installations…. etc

Cittaerp is useful for organizations in food and beverage industries including producers, retailers , distributors, and other relevant businesses  in the food value chains.

Cittaerp is complete solution for organizations in fashion businesses including clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle,  body and other relevant providers like designers, technologists, engineers, design managers, .… etc



Cittaerp is complete solution for organizations in various part of real estate industries including companies that focus on installment-payment-to-property-acquisition, property-acquisition by-mortgages, property development, estate management, valuation,…. etc

Cittaerp delivers a comprehensive solution for organizations in the construction industries for companies,  contractors, subcontractors, quantity surveyors, and other relevant firms in the construction of building or infrastructure.

Cittaerp provides a complete solutions for various types of organization in cooperatives, clubs, professional associations, trade associations, community associations, and other membership based  institutions.

Cittaerp  provides comprehensive functionalities  for organizations in all types of  printing and publishing businesses

Cittaerp has multifaceted functionalities and  delivers a comprehensive and robust solutions for specific needs of various industries.

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