Human Capital Management

Cittaerp ensures easy management of your human resources functions including managing  employee data, managing payrolls, recruitment processes, benefits administration and keeping track of attendance records and other HR activities. It ensures everyday Human Resources processes are manageable and easy to access including tracking & improving HR process efficiency, managing organizational hierarchy, and simplifying related HR financial transactions.

Cittaerp provides a comprehensive employee personal and official information database which eliminates or reduce the need for hard-copy employee files.  This provides the basis of the core HR employee management for your organizations including personnel tracking and evaluation, benefits administration, and payroll management

Cittaerp employee self-service functionalities allow employees to view and make changes to their information, submit leave and holiday request, request for loans, request for training, conduct self-appraisal, communicate with HR office, view corporate circulars, notices, schedule information as well as other HR transactions that can needs to be initiated by the employee. This reduces or eliminates need for manual hard copy HR forms or files. Cittaerp self-service portal is accessible through any mobile device, 24/7 at anywhere.  Thereby, increasing convenience and timeliness for employees and managers.

Cittaerp performance appraisals delivers functionalities for user defined appraisal system including self-appraisal, setting of key performance targets, objectives, qualitative and quantitative objective settings, performance monitoring including progress report and continuous appraisal.  Online appraisal forms can be defined in line with company HR policies. Also, information regarding performance can be  collected on a continual basis. Appraisal process can be used for skill reviews, training planning, promotions, succession planning  and feed-backs.

Cittaerp has a very comprehensive recruiting and on-boarding functionalities including job vacancies postings , online application process, filter applicants by qualifications, screening, hiring, and evaluation,  selection process and automatic  update of applicant information into employee database upon recruitment with guided on-boarding procedures and talent management .

Cittaerp provides features for comprehensive and flexible employee training , learning and talent management .

Cittaerp delivers functionality for comprehensive employee leave management.

Payroll Management

Cittaerp payroll delivers functionalities to allow your organization to keep employee data integrated with payroll data as well as in pay salary reviews, pay variations, personal income compliance, scheduling, track time, expenses, and attendance, comply with all applicable labor laws and standards, and integrate seamlessly with the financial management module

Cittaerp has flexible and comprehensive employee tax functionalities. It  support relevant tax laws, social security requirements, pension management  and applicable local regulations. It has user defined tax policy settings with and pre-set tax rules.  It automatically makes  it easy to compute taxes owed and paid per employee, while templates speed up submission of scheduled reports to regulatory agencies. It is easy to update changes in tax laws and implement new regulations.

Cittaerp has features for time-sheets and time-tracking capabilities to manage overtime and  attendance including shifts, absences, increments, leaves and attrition and integrate these data with payroll calculations. In addition, it has functionalities for transfers and bio-metric integration to show real-time clock-in/out.

Cittaerp allows user defined with its flexible report writers to generate relevant payroll related reports as well as standard payroll related reports like, payslips, benefits, expenses or current or historical payroll data, salary statements, benefits reports , etc . Relevant regulatory forms can be defined and  downloaded or printed.

Cittaerp delivers robust and flexible payroll management functionalities. Wages are automatically calculated based on your pre-set rules and scheduling of  daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Relevant payroll variation items like attendance, salary grade, benefits, reimbursements, leaves, advances, withholding taxes, terms and policies, etc. are automatically used in computing salary and wages. It can be customized along multiple pay and benefits structures and further configured for specific employees.

Cittaerp enables functionalities for managing expenses, deductions, loans, advances and other employee related deductions.

Cittaerp allows comprehensive employee loan and advances management which integrates seamlessly with the financial management module.

Cooperatives  Society Management

Key functionalities of the Cittaerp cooperative management solutions are as follow:

  • Online membership registration as driven by defined approval workflows
  • Online guarantor verification and management
  • Online Loan application and management
  • Transaction notification. Instant SMS & Email notification for every transaction
  • Self service portal for each member. All requests can be initiated on the self portal by each member. This is driven by a defined approval route.
  • Savings, deposit and loans functionalities.
  • Cooperative essential commodities trading for members
  • Online Realtime members statement of account
  • Cooperative Financial Statements
  • User defined workflow approval routes in line with cooperative board mandate
  • User defined and standard cooperative reports
  • Cooperative Bylaws
  • Online circulars and notices
  • Online Payment Integration
  • Cooperative employee salary deductions management

Cittaerp delivers a comprehensive database of cooperative members including personal information, bio-data, photograph, share information and other relevant  personal information. Where, the cooperative is within a corporate organization, system allows you to capture relevant corporate relevant about the employee members as defined by the board. It allows online member registration, approval, verification, suspension, deactivation, and resignation. The system automatically computes the net asset/liabilities due to/from  a disengaging members .

Cittaerp has a robust loan functionality which covers both company employee based cooperative as well as individual credit and investment cooperatives. Loan applications are driven by online workflow approval workflow routes as well as system generated interest computation, online loan guarantor management, periodic debit notes for both principal and repayments, online loan repayments, capacity to integrate with company payroll for company based salary cooperative deductions.

Cittaerp Cooperative module allows members to deposit into their account and withdraw at any point in time. System automatically updates the relevant member’s  account as well as the financial management module. Cittaerp has functionalities for online payment integration

Cittaerp integrates fully with the financial management module while financial statement of the cooperatives including income statement, balance sheet , cash flow statement can be generated online real-time basis

Cittaerp cooperative management has functionalities for online payment integration

Clubs and Membership Management

Cittaerp club membership is designed to handle membership records and details for an enhanced  delivery of quality service to members such as reservations, appointments, and scheduling. It also enables club owners to offer discounts, promos and rewards to loyal, active and long-time members.

Cittaerp has members portal that enables service-oriented activity. It makes it easy for members to do self-service, booking or scheduling themselves through Cittaerp.

Cittaerp allows creation and management of multiple membership plans.

Cittaerp has functionalities for accepting payments anywhere, from the front desk to online. It allows online payment integration and removes hassles in payment since it can handle and process secure means of payment whether online via payment gateways or through credit/debit cards or physically from the front desk.

Cittaerp enables online registration of new members which follow a defined workflow approval routes.

Cittaerp has a robust fees and billing management functionality. It automates the billing cycle by setting up recurring payments. Cittaerp allows automatically debit of bills against members account and instant notification.

Cittaerp  enables the creation of training lessons or workout plans to manage the health goals and chart the progress and improvement of clients and members.

Cittaerp  integrates seamlessly with the financial management module and generates relevant financial statements including income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows and other relevant financial reports on real time basis

Cittaerp manages and organizes the time-sheets, assignments, and work schedules of employees, support staff, trainers, and coaches.


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