Discrete Manufacturing

Cittaerp discrete manufacturing functionalities focuses on the production of distinct products that can be counted, touched, seen, and differentiated. Units can be produced in low volume with very high complexity or high volumes of low complexity.  Example of discrete production items are consumer electronics, computer and accessories, stationery, appliances, cars, airplanes, etc . The physical products can be produced directly for businesses, consumers or even used by other manufacturers . The parts and materials can be recognized by serial numbers or labeling products and they are measurable as numerical quantities rather than by weight or volume. All the parts and components from the discrete products can be broken down and even recycled

The Cittaerp production features among others include the following

  • Production Planning
  • Bill of Material
  • Production Requisition
  • Production Order
  • Inventory Management and Control
  • Parts Tracking
  • Time and labour tracking
  • Production Forecasting
  • Sales and order management integration
  • Landed Cost Functionalities
  • Production steps
  • Lots/Serial Traceability
  • Integrated Production workflows
  • Production quality Assurance Management
  • Multi-site production floors
  • Assemblies Management
  • Dashboard and business intelligence
  • Batch Production
  • Work in Progress
  • Production Costing
  • Waste, scrap and defects tracking and monitoring

Cittaerp allows efficient material requirement planning and therefore, keep your inventory at optimal levels while meeting your production needs.

Cittaerp allows you to manage and plan your discrete production process as bills of materials can easily be created with ability to set up multi-level bill of material production structure..

Cittaerp allows efficient production management with functionality to allow you to set production schedules in advance while simultaneously tracking material and labor costs. It monitors your  standard and planned production costs as well as  actual costs of production.

Cittaerp flexible multiple units of measure functionality allows a primary and relative alternate units of measure for order-taking, purchasing and production packaging to be used for each product in the inventory.

You can create production stages and multilevel work orders in Cittaerp.

Process Manufacturing

Cittaerp supports process manufacturing across a variety of industries by seamlessly integrating all transactions in manufacturing, inventory, warehousing, order management, customer service, and financial management. Cittaerp production process functionalities manage formulas and manufacturing recipes and applicable in the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, biotechnology industries, etc . Cittaerp effectively covers the relevant process production factors including ingredients, formulas, bulk materials etc . In addition, Cittaerp accommodates invariably cross-over between the process and discrete manufacturing process especially where the major contents of the finished product has elements of the two. For example, a carton of milk is a discrete item, but milk is process manufactured

The Cittaerp process production process among others are as follows

  • Production Requisition
  • Production Process Order
  • Formulas and Recipes
  • Scalable Batches
  • Shelf Life Tracking and Expiration Dates
  • Quality Assurance
  • Lot Traceability
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Bills of Materials
  • Production Scheduling
  • Production Reporting
  • Production Controls
  • Quality monitoring.
  • By-products
  • Joint Production Process
  • Work in Progress
  • Production Costing
  • Waste, scrap and defects tracking and monitoring

Cittaerp production has the ability y to handle the liquids and powders in all form of measurements including

  • Flexible transaction decimal places
  • Calculations and balances,
  • Flexible units of measures and conversions
  • Potency measurements.
  • Shelf life to determine when products become unusable after a certain length of time.
  • Graded materials and products to measured quality level and determine the identification item.
  • Strict batch or lot accountability as many process products are regulated and subject to recall.

Cittaerp enables continuous flow processes that are scheduled differently.   It incorporate processes that production processes that split and merge, one initial process produces an intermediate that can then feed several secondary processes without the intermediate going into inventory  that produce different products. Several intermediates can feed multiple secondary processes.

Cittaerp delivers traceability and quality data on materials and products from purchasing through inspection, manufacturing, stocking and sales.

Cittaerp enables you to define multiple units of measure for stocked items. These units of measure, along with their conversion factors, can be used at different point of the continuous production  process as well as sales, purchasing and inventory.

Fixed Assets

Cittaerp Fixed assets management functionalities tracks track the location, quantity, condition, maintenance and depreciation status of your fixed assets. It incorporates tracking of fixed assets with options for using of serial numbered asset tags and labels  with bar codes for easy and accurate reading.  You can track inventory with a bar code reader and then produce a report. The tracking process can be automated by attaching a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag to an asset. It allows you to track and monitor specific tool or tools in use by employee, which must  ultimately be returned to the company .

The features of the Cittaerp fixed asset management among others are as follow:

  • Flexible Depreciation Options
  • Valuation
  • Revaluation
  • Componentization
  • Disposals
  • Additions
  • Comprehensive Asset Register
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance History
  • User Monitoring
  • Asset Count, Verification and Audit Assets
  • Asset Movements and Transfer
  • Asset Improvements
  • Bar-code and RFID
  • Fixed Asset Taxation Register and Books
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • IFRS Compliance

Cittaerp has unlimited number of standard and user-defined depreciation methods for full statutory compliance. Depreciation is automatically calculated for any period or range of periods across multiple books while  entries are raised instantly  updating relevant general ledger accounts .

Cittaerp allow creation of asset register for taxation purpose while relevant tax rate in line with the tax laws are used for tax depreciation or capital allowance. In addition, it fully complies with the relevant International Financial Reporting  Standards on Property Plant and Equipment.

Cittaerp fixed asset functionality incorporates capital expenditure budgeting/forecasting, as well as capital expenditure control.

Cittaerp fixed assets functionalities integrates with the supply chain procurement, accounts payable and financial management while relevant entries are updated instantly.

Engineering Maintenance

Cittaerp maintenance Engineering functionality focuses on optimization of equipment, procedures, and departmental budgets to achieve better maintainability, reliability, and availability of plants and equipment.

Cittaerp engineering maintenance functionality manages, automates, and reports on all aspects of maintenance. Features include

  • Maintenance requests
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance,
  • Unplanned repairs and maintenance
  • Spare parts inventory,
  • Maintenance work order management,
  • Maintenance asset grouping and mapping
  • Notification and alerts
  • Maintenance budgeting,
  • Maintenance key performance indicator
  • Maintenance team
  • Maintenance costing
  • Maintenance History
  • Schedule preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Allocate resources.
  • Requisition and spare parts.
  • Equipment failures and shut down tracking
  • Work Order Workflow Approval Routes
  • Tools Tracking
  • Flexible and user defined maintenance reporting

Cittaerp maintenance service functionality delivers a comprehensive solution for companies that are maintenance service providers.  It provides seamless interface with the inventory management, customer , supply chains, fixed assets, sales and financial management  to drive sales growth , improve customer service and enhanced productivity.

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